5-Week Format Programs

Earn your degree one course at a time with our new 5-week format programs.

Stay focused and earn your degree by taking one course at a time. As a student enrolled in a 5-week program, you'll finish one course every five weeks instead of finishing your courses at the end of the 16-week semester. Classes are offered one right after the other, so you can fit three courses into a traditional 16-week semester. This means that you can concentrate on one class at a time. No more overlapping course requirements! The 5-week format courses achieve the same learning outcomes as traditional semester length courses, just in a shorter period of time. As such, you'll need to work on your course every day to stay on track.

5-week Format (3 courses per semester) Traditional Semester Format (3 courses per semester)
Average Length of Class 5 weeks, approximately 23-26 days 16 weeks, approximately 75 days
Number of courses taken per Fall/Spring semester 3 courses 3 courses
Number of courses taken at any point during the semester 1 course 3 courses
Overlapping course requirements None Varies
When are Grades Posted At the end of the 5 week part of term At the end of the 16 week semester
Number of credits Courses are typically 3 credits Courses are typically 3 credits
Average class and study time per week 10-15 hours 10-12 hours

Currently, UH Online offers two degrees in the 5-week format:

Sample Fall 2019 Schedule

Course Dates AA, Liberal Arts Sample 5-week course sequence BSW Sample 5-week course sequence
First 5-weeks 8/26/19-9/27/19 English 100 Social Work 325
Second 5-weeks 9/30/19-11/1/19 Psychology 100 Social Work 360
Third 5-weeks 11/4/19-12/13/19 Hawaiian Studies 107 Social Work 302

More programs will be launched in Fall 2020.