Online and Hybrid Program Recognition Guidelines

An online program is defined as one of the following:

In order for a program to be recognized as online, the following criteria must be met:

  1. UH departments and faculty must complete their internal campus academic program approval process to request distance delivery of a program.
  2. The UH system Online Program Recognition form must be submitted and reviewed as part of or once the academic online program has been approved.
    • Upload program map
    • If program includes a concentration(s) or certification(s)
  3. PCR _New or Replace Form must be completed and submitted once the Online Program Recognition review step has been completed.
  4. The online program must have an approved substantive change or administrative approval from their appropriate accrediting body (WASC or ACCJC). More info
  5. Institutions that offer distance education must be able to document their coverage under any state authorization reciprocity agreement(s), such as NC-SARA, and/or alternative reciprocity agreements with applicable U.S. territories.
  6. Institutions that offer distance education must seek assistance from the General Counsel regarding International Compliance regulations and digital services/export taxes before accepting students living in foreign countries.
  7. Institutions that offer distance education must have processes in place through which the institution establishes that each student is the same student who participates in and completes the course or program and receives the academic credit. In addition, they must make clear in writing, processes that protect student privacy.
  8. (Professional licensure program only) – Institutions must establish a written process to determine a student’s location at the time a prospective student seeks information about an academic program leading to professional licensure, or a student enrolls in, and/or an existing student notifies the institution of a change of address, for purposes of issuing the required disclosures under the rules as to whether the institution’s academic program, regardless of modality, fulfills the professional licensure requirements of states in which the prospective student or occupational licensure programs as well as certification programs. Each UH campus should make sure it is providing this direct disclosure and include a sample of its direct disclosures to current and prospective students in its policies and procedures documentation.
  9. Institutions that offer distance education must provide Academic and Student services to remote students.
  10. Faculty teaching modular courses in online programs must participate in professional development. It is also recommended that their courses complete the UH Online Course Design Review (required for 5-week courses). This training is also highly recommended for all faculty teaching courses in online programs.
  11. Distance Learning programs must be continually assessed for improvement and need.
  12. Online and Hybrid Program information located on your website should include the following recommended information for prospective distance learning student:
    • Entry Date - fall, spring, summer
    • Program Description - include whether program includes asynchronous or synchronous courses
    • Program Map - sample schedule
    • Eligibility and Admission Requirements
    • In-person Requirements - for Hybrid programs
    • Orientation/Information Session Information - video or live webinar sessions schedule
    • Licensure Information (disclosure) - if applicable
    • State Authorization Information (disclosure) - if program is open to students located in states and U.S. territories outside of Hawaii
    • Contact Information for more information and inquiries

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(revised 10/05/22)