Alternative Certification For CTE

Degree Awarded

Certificate of Competence (CO)

Offering Campus

Leeward Community College

Delivery Method


Program Description

The Alternative Certification for CTE Licensure Program is designed to prepare candidates who seek licensure through the Hawaiʻi Teacher Standards Board and employment in the Hawaiʻi Department of Education (DOE). You will be provided with educational content and a toolkit of strategies and skills necessary to become effective practitioners in CTE classrooms at the secondary level. All required courses are offered online. Two semesters of required field practicum in a DOE CTE classroom may be completed at the student's home island. By the end of the Alternative Certification for CTE Licensure Program you will have knowledge of pedagogy and knowledge of multiple learning styles leading to practices that demonstrate sensitivity to diversity and social justice. (11 credits Track I, 17 credits Track II)


Contact for Program

Brian Ichida