Nursing (For ADN Graduates from UH Consortium)

Degree Awarded

Bachelor of Science (BS)

Offering Campus

UH Mānoa

Delivery Method


Program Description

This full-time cohort program is designed to provide an efficient bridge to the baccalaureate for the associate degree graduate from the following UH Consortium programs: Maui College, Kauaʻi Community College.

Students from Maui College and Kauaʻi Community College enter the program in the fall (August). Students from Kapiʻolani Community College enter the program in the spring (January) and fall (August). Students take courses via the Hawaiʻi Interactive Television Service (HITS) while balancing work and family responsibilities. With the Bachelor of Science degree, the student is prepared to proceed to graduate education and pursue career development.


Contact for Program

Brian Akiyama
Phone: (808) 956-3794