Liberal Arts, Social Work

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Associate in Arts (AA)

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Kapiʻolani Community College


The AA degree in Liberal Arts, with a Concentration in Social Work, satisfies all of the requirements for the AA degree in Liberal Arts. This concentration provides students with the foundation to be successful in entering university Bachelor of Science programs and future careers in Social Work.

The purpose of the concentration in Social Work is to create a clear pathway for students interested in transferring to a 4-year institution with a Bachelor's degree in the area of Social Work. Entry-level positions in the workplace are practiced in a wide variety of settings. Settings range from hospitals and clinics, schools, public welfare departments, and family and child welfare agencies to counseling agencies, mental health clinics, gerontology and geriatric programs, and immigrant/refugee centers.

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Fall, Spring


Statewide, Continental U.S., U.S. Territories

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No on-campus visits required. If proctored exams are required in any class, the teacher will offer an online proctoring option (for a fee) and/or will work with remote students to secure a remote proctoring site.

Degree Awarded

Associate in Arts (AA)


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