Social Sciences, Political Science

Degree Awarded

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Offering Campus

UH West Oʻahu

Delivery Method

ITV, Online

Program Description

To meet the educational needs of students who reside on the neighbor islands, this baccalaureate program delivered through Distance Learning has been established as a transfer program for students who have completed the first two years of course work (freshman and sophomore) from a neighbor island community college in the UH system.  Students enrolled in this program will be assigned faculty advisors to help with academic planning.

Political science at UH West Oʻahu offers the "big picture" understanding students need in order to deal with a rapidly changing political universe. The world’s most pressing local problems are increasingly economic, environmental and global; where multinational corporations are becoming more powerful than nation-states; and where new electronic information technologies give the individual growing importance in shaping politics. The goal of the program is to help students gain the knowledge, skill sets and motivation to participate at all these levels of public life. Teaching strategies emphasize active, democratic, service and multi-cultural modes of learning. All of this gives the discipline wide application in most areas of public, personal and work life.


Contact for Program

Dr. Louis Herman
Phone: (808) 689-2371