MA in Counseling Psychology

Sample Schedule

Year 1

Summer Semester (4 credits)
PSY 601 Applied Multivariate Statistic (4)
Fall Semester (12 credits)
PSY 602 Research Method & Program Evaluation (3)
PSY 604 Professional Identity, Ethics (3)
PSY 613 Psychopathology over Lifespan (3)
PSY 620 Counseling Theories (3)
Spring Semester (11 credits)
PSY 603 Psychological Assessment (4)
PSY 622 Group Work & Counseling (4)
PSY 624 Counseling Skills (3)

Year 2

Summer Semester (9 credits)
PSY 611 Lifespan Human Development (3)
PSY 612 Career Development (3)
Elective (600-level or 400-level course)
Fall Semester (12 credits)
PSY 623 Social & Cultural Foundations (3)
PSY 640 Practicum Supervision (3)
PSY 640F Practicum Fieldwork (3)
Elective (600-level or 400-level course)
Spring Semester (11 credits)
PSY 659 Internship Supervision (3)
PSY 659F Internship Fieldwork (6)
Elective (3): Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Note: This recommended full-time schedule will apply to students who begin the program in the Fall of 2012 and in subsequent years. The Psychology Department has instituted this change in our format (from a four-semester to a six-semester schedule) in response to feedback from accreditation site visitors and current and former students. This sequence will be implemented beginning with the Fall 2012 incoming cohort. Students admitted for Fall 2012 and subsequent years will actually begin taking courses during the summer of their first year. However, it is not necessary for new students to be physically present in Hilo prior to the beginning of the Fall semester in late August because the summer course to be taken prior to August of the first year is an online course (Applied Multivariate Statistics, PSY 601).