Distance Learning Resources

Distance Learning Course Listing

The Distance Learning Course listing provides an overall display of distance learning and online courses offered throughout the UH system. Students can search for courses by semester, campus, instructional method or course. By clicking on the title of the course, students can find additional information about the course (i.e. CRN, credits, grading, instructor, course dates, meeting times, and notes).

Online Programs

An online program is recognized as either a fully online or hybrid program.

The current Online Programs List has over 40 recognized fully online and hybrid programs offered throughout the University of Hawaiʻi System. Students may find the following information for each program:

  • Offering Campus
  • Program Description
  • Link to the Program website
  • Where the program is available
  • Whether health clearance is required
  • Total number of credit hours
  • Sample Schedule
  • Required residency component (if any)
  • Degree Awarded
  • Contact Information

Distance Learning Student Guides

The University of Hawaiʻi System offers mostly online courses. However some campuses may offer in-state distance learning courses delivered via cable or interactive video (ITV). The following guides will provide student information and tips on how to succeed in cable and ITV courses.

Cable Student Guide

Cable allows students to take cable courses in the convenience of their home. Courses are either live or pre-recorded. In most cable courses, there will be an online component for outside class communication, material distribution and assignments.

ITV Student Guide

ITV allows connection between one or more remote campuses, allowing students from across the state to access courses not available on the UH campus in their county. Class meetings are held at a specific time and location (synchronous). Both instructor and students can see and hear each other, simulating a face-to-face class environment. In most ITV courses, there will be an online component for outside class communication, material distribution and assignments.

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Student Guide

Generative Artificial Intelligence or Gen-AI technology is used to generate text, images, data, and videos in response to specific prompts. The How to Use AI Responsibly guide is a resource to help students when using this type of technology in their studies.