UHOIC January 2023 Newsletter

UHOIC 2022 Highlight Reel Video (Youtube)

In this issue of the newsletter, we share highlights and updates of the H5P + Laulima Pilot Program Cohort and a summary of the Fall 2022 student evaluation results. If you are interested in H5P+Laulima, don’t miss the announcement of the H5P + Laulima Site Licenses!

We started 2023 off with the Laulima v21 webinar on Jan. 6, and we have more PDs coming up this semester, including the “Designing Powerful Learning Experiences: Strategies from Innovation and Impact Showcase Awardees” webinar (Feb. 8), the “UH Online Unconference” (April 14), and more. Please visit our upcoming events page for more information.

We also provided resources for Artificial Intelligence (AI), ChatGPT, and instructional video tips in the research corner.

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