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Badge Issuer

A Badge Issuer can be an organization, association, department, group, or individual who proposes badge(s) based upon a set of competencies they would like to issue to their learners.

UH Digital Badges: Badge Issuer (YouTube, 1:34)

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How Do I Issue a Badge?

Badge Issuer Infographic

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the UH Digital Badge proposal process.

First, familiarize yourself with the UH Digital Badge proposal process. Don't forget to discuss with your supervisor, campus administrator(s), and/or stakeholder(s) to ensure success when you issue your badge.

Step 2: Prepare to submit the proposal form.

Reference the UH Digital Badge Proposal Guide to prepare for your proposal submission. Note that the "Digital Badge Proposal Guide" button will direct you to a page where you can make a copy of the guide.

Step 3: Submit the UH Digital Badge Proposal form.

Once you have received approval from your supervisor or campus administrator to issue a digital badge, complete and submit the Digital Badge Proposal Form.

Step 4: A Review Committee will be formed to review the submission.

Once the form is submitted, UH Online Innovation Center (UHOIC) will review your submission and follow up with questions (if needed). Then, a review committee will be formed to review the submission. The timeline will be dependent on the complexity of the badge. You (badge issuer) may potentially be contacted and included in additional conversations during the review process. Note that UH administrator(s) will automatically be included as part of the review committee.

Step 5: Receive proposal approval status.

The review process will conclude with a final approval from the UH campus or system Administrator(s).

Step 6: Design and issue the badge.

Once the badge is approved, you will work collaboratively with the UHOIC team on badge design and set-up (see example badges below).

UHWO Quality Course Design Review Badge
Leeward CC DE Guidelines 1 Badge
Preparing to Teach Online at UH module completion badge

Frequently Asked Questions

For more FAQs, visit the Badge Issuer section of the FAQs for UH Digital Badges document or visit the Canvas Credentials Instructure Community page to access common questions and support resources.

There is a UH Digital Badge approval process to complete prior to creating and disseminating a badge. Once a badge has been created in the platform, the badge issuer may issue the verified badge.

After receiving the badge proposal submission, a review committee will convene to review the submission. The timeline will depend on the complexity of the badge.

Yes. Please contact the UHOIC team (uhoic@hawaii.edu) if you would like to change or revise a badge after it has been approved.

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