UH 5-Week PD

5-Week Online Teaching Trends

Are you curious about what instructors felt went well or the challenges they encountered when teaching accelerated online courses? Since the launch of 5-week online course offerings at UH in 2019, survey feedback was obtained from instructors after each term. 

Take a look at the trends from the post-course survey results (derived from the qualitative analysis of responses obtained from Oct. 2019 – April 2021).

UH Online 5-Week Post Course Teaching Survey Trends - Who? UH 5-Week Online Instructors who completed teaching a course; What? UH Online 5-Week Post Course Teaching Survey; When? Oct. 2019 - April 2021; Why? Check-in after the course and determine ongoing support for 5-week faculty.

UH Online 5-Week Alumni Tips

The 2021 UH Online 5-Week Summer PD is in full swing! Faculty and instructional designers across the UH system are actively engaged in an online learning community exchanging ideas and strategies to design and develop meaningful experiences for their online accelerated students. These UH Online 5-Week Alumni Tips (compiled from qualitative analysis of feedback from the 2020 cohort) were shared at the launch of the 2021 PD.

UH Online 5-Week PD Program Evaluation & Iterative Improvements at the 2021 Assessment for Curricular Improvement Poster Exhibit

UH Online 5-Week PD Evaluation Poster created in 2021. The UH Online 5-Week PD Program was launched in 2018 (aligned to UH’s strategic directions) to support faculty across the system with developing online courses in an accelerated, 5-week format. Program evaluation goals: Determine strengths Identify weaknesses Redesign program for 2021 summer cohort. Results/Findings: The greatest strength of the PD program was the instructional designer and facilitator support alongside the implementation of the UH Online 5-Week Laulima learning management system course template. Participants identified learning Laulima’s tools and tips as an area that could be improved upon.

Lawe i ka ma‘alea a kū‘ono‘ono. Take wisdom and make it deep. (#1957). After three years of cohorted offerings of the UH Online 5-Week Professional Development (PD) Program, we felt it was important to continually seek ways to improve. View our UH Online 5-Week PD Program Evaluation & Iterative Improvements poster (and abstract)  to learn more about our program evaluation findings.  A special mahalo to the UH Mānoa Curriculum Assessment and Support Center for providing us with the opportunity to grow our assessment skills. 

Source: Pukui, M. (1983). ‘Ōlelo Noʻeau: Hawaiian Proverbs and Poetical Sayings. Bishop Museum Press.