AI Prompting Guide

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Has work/life been so busy that you wish for a solution to improve your day-to-day tasks or teaching, learning, and work contexts? Generative AI might be a solution for this with properly tailored prompts!  Check out the AI Prompting Guide for information on AI considerations and various AI frameworks to help guide you with composing more explicit and comprehensive prompts, along with numerous example prompts to help get you started. The guide was first shared at the Work Smarter Not Harder: Level Up AI Prompting webinar in February 2024.

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AI Recommendations For Faculty and Staff

2023 was a busy year with the onset of AI and its integration into higher education. So many resources and professional development were made available, from introductory webinars, tools exploration, and research, to strategies for incorporating/acknowledging AI in the classroom. This may all be overwhelming, but don’t fret, we have just the solution for you! 

Have you thought about exploring Artificial Intelligence (AI) to test it out or to integrate it into your instruction?  Want a quick overview and/or refresher on what you need to know about AI so you can jump in? The UHOIC team has created an AI Overview Infographic to provide a handy resource for UH faculty and staff, which contains the following sections: 

  • Introduction to Generative AI: UH-specific AI resources for faculty/staff and students.
  • Benefits & Concerns of AI: Gain insights into the advantages and challenges AI brings to higher education from Educause.
  • Stay Up to Date with AI: The UH AI Resource for Teaching & Learning is a frequently updated resource covering various topics (e.g. AI and assessment, accessibility, copyright, etc.).
  • Review UHOIC-Hosted AI Webinars: Other useful AI-based resources and archived AI-focused webinars from Fall 2023.

We look forward to providing support as you continue to explore and learn more about Generative AI for teaching and learning. Subscribe to our UHOIC Newsletter and visit the UHOIC website for current events and professional development opportunities!

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Let’s Get Hands-on with AI at UHOIC’s Newest Innovation Playground Series

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Ever feel like there’s so much new “stuff” to explore, but can’t ever get around to it? That’s how our UHOIC team feels about educational technology sometimes, and we finally decided to do something about it! With the constant evolution and onset of new/trending tools, we wanted to not only carve out dedicated time for ourselves to explore them, but thought it would be a great idea to extend this opportunity to UH faculty/staff to explore alongside us!

The Innovation Playground is a playground where we all can experiment, tinker, and explore with the latest educational technology tools without any pressure. The theme for this Fall 2023 semester’s Innovation Playground series is Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based tools, which comes at a good time with the growing conversations on how they fit into teaching and learning.  

We had a blast exploring ChatGPT and other text-to-text AI-based tools together on Sep. 1, 2023 during the launch of this new opportunity, and we want to extend a big mahalo to those who dived right in to ask questions and shared interesting nuggets discovered during the hands-on exploration! The ChatGPT breakout room was popular among individuals with varying levels of experience; some explored repeated prompt iterations to see how they could enhance ChatGPT’s outputs. The other breakout rooms exploring Bing, Claude, and Bard were very dynamic in range, with some rooms deep in concentration with “quiet time” to independently explore, and others that discussed collaboratively as they explored. Overall, participants appreciated the hands-on exploration format and exposure to generative AI tools, and the opportunity to see other colleagues’ approaches/examples. Check out the Innovation Playground Collaborative Notes (Google Slides) if you would like to view what was shared during the session. Please note that a Google@UH account is needed to view the collaborative

If you’d like to join us for the remaining AI-focused sessions this semester, visit the Innovation Playground webpage for more information. Future explorations after Fall 2023 will extend beyond AI to other educational technology trends and innovations.

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Navigating Artificial Intelligence at the University of Hawaiʻi: New Resources and Recommendations for Teaching and Learning

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to transform the world of education in many ways. It’s important to consider multiple factors and implications when deciding whether to integrate AI-based tools into your teaching and learning. The University of Hawaiʻi has created a number of compiled resources and recommendations for faculty, staff, and students: 

  • UH Online Generative AI webpage –  Reference this main page for guidelines and recommendations. Additional pages are available for targeted audiences: 
  • AI Resources for Teaching and Learning – This resource, created collaboratively by the UH Instructional Design Professional Learning Community (ID PLC), covers topics related to AI (i.e., Accessibility, Assessment, Citations & References, Copyright, Educational Considerations, Ethics, Pedagogy, Policies for the Classroom, Prompting, and Tools) along with summaries, key points, and/or recommended use for each included source.

Whether you are new to AI or already familiar with it, these resources can help guide you to explore the possibilities and potentials of AI for teaching and learning.

This Fall 2023 semester’s lineup of UHOIC-hosted events will be centered around AI; sign up for the UHOIC newsletter or visit the UHOIC website for more information as it becomes available!

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Laulima v21 Upgrade & Tips for Instruction Webinar Resources

Laulima v21 Upgrade and Tips for Instruction Webinar Flyer

After a nice holiday break, we opened the semester with a webinar covering Laulima’s new features. Hosted by the UH Instructional Design Professional Learning Community (PLC), the Laulima v21 Upgrade and Tips for Instruction webinar sought to inform and inspire faculty and staff on Laulima’s latest updates. Aside from learning about features like dark mode, a new assignment submission option, and a new messaging feature in Gradebook, participants also had opportunities to deep-dive into the Lessons, Gradebook, and Rubrics tools with instructional designers. Turnout for the webinar was good, but if you missed it, you’ll find the webinar recording and a link to the presentation slides on the event page

Please contact us via the if you have any questions. 

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