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Status Updates

9/26: Our 2022-2023 H5P + Laulima cohort has officially kicked off this month! Mahalo to all the participants who joined us at our H5P + Laulima Orientation sessions on Sep. 9. The H5P + Laulima Presentation (Google Slides) has been updated with Q&A (slide 54-58) and additional Resources (slide 59-60). The FAQs document will continue to be updated as more questions (and answers) come up during this cohort.

Don’t forget to leverage the Quicklinks and Resources (to the right of this message), along with our Google Groups community for assistance, support and sharing as you begin your exploration of H5P! We look forward to seeing your awesome creations coming soon! 

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Quicklinks & Resources

About the H5P + Laulima Program

What is H5P + Laulima?

H5P is an authoring tool that lets you create simple interactive content and activities like interactive videos, quizzes, games, presentations, and more. In 2021, University of Hawaiʻi piloted the use of the paid version with a pilot group of faculty across nine campuses to enable the integration of H5P activities into Laulima courses so that student progress can be tracked/graded. Due to the success of the pilot, the H5P + Laulima program will be continuing for another academic year.

How can H5P be used in online courses?

There are several types of interactive activities that can be created with H5P such as:

  • Drag and Drop, Hotspots
  • Branching Scenario, Memory Games, Timelines
  • Interactive Video, Course Presentations
  • AR (Augment Reality) Scavenger, Virtual Tour (360)
  • and many more!

Take a look at some embedded samples below created by UH faculty and staff using H5P (includes both graded and ungraded learning activities/assessments). Or, to access the full repository from our UH H5P + Laulima users, visit the UH H5P Interactives Library page.

2022-2023 H5P + Laulima - Cohort Recruitment Flyer
For more info on joining the program, review the informational flyer (PDF).

Want to submit your own H5P interactive(s) for public viewing and sharing? Submit your created activities using the H5P Interactives Library (UH Community) Submission Form.

Drag and Drop (Anatomy & Physiology)

Source: Janet Wang-Lee, Math & Science, Leeward Community College

Interactive Video Example (Hawaiian Studies)

Source: Kahealani Lono, Kawaihuelani Center for Hawaiian Language, UH Mānoa

Fill in the Blanks (Hospitality and Tourism)

Description: This Transient Accommodations Tax activity requires students to complete internet research on current facts about Hawaii’s Transient Accommodations Tax and complete the fill in the blank activity.

Source: Amy Shiroma, Hospitality and Tourism (HOST), Kapiʻolani Community College

2022-2023 H5P+Laulima Cohort Timeline and Expectations

The interactive Timeline above was created using H5P.  This alternative PDF version has also been created for those who prefer a document overview.

Program Criteria

Note: Cohort participants who do not actively use their H5P license may lose access.

New Participants

  1. Participate in the required H5P + Laulima Orientation.
  2. Explore and create multiple H5P interactives for your Laulima course(s).
  3. Share and network with cohort members and other faculty who may be interested in using H5P.
  4. Share a variety of H5P interactives to be considered for the UH Interactives Library and/or highlighted on the UHOIC website.
  5. Evaluate H5P interactives by encouraging my students to complete the UH H5P + Laulima: Student Feedback Survey and by sharing my experiences via the UH H5P + Laulima: Faculty/Staff User Survey.
  6. Stay active in using the H5P + Laulima license.

Returning Participants

  1. Complete periodic H5P + Laulima related faculty survey(s) and administer student survey(s).
  2. Actively participate in at least 1 of the following level-up engagement activities:
    • Support peers in the UH H5P + Laulima community
      Examples include mentoring new peers, sharing resources, supporting new participants with “first-tier” help via Google Groups then escalating the issue(s) to the support team as needed, or mentoring in small groups during virtual office hours.
    • Present/Facilitate at H5P + Laulima related events
      Examples include UH Online Unconference, H5P Showcase, Orientation, Virtual Office Hours, breakout room facilitation at virtual hours, etc.
    • Contribute to technical support resources
      Examples include contributing screen recordings, step-by-step tutorials, tips & tricks, FAQs, etc.
  3. Maintain H5P + Laulima Activity by engaging in at least 1 of the following:
    • Create a minimum of 2 new H5P interactives to be embedded in your Laulima course site(s) as graded activities
    • Iterate/improve upon a minimum of 2 existing H5P interactives (also embedded in Laulima)
    • Export interactives and submit them to the H5P Interactives Library and/or the UH Community folder.

H5P + Laulima Program Feedback

Video Testimonials

Evaluation Feedback

I was excited to see how [H5P] could make my asynchronous course more engaging for the students. It was wonderful to easily embed the interactives in Laulima Lessons and linked with Laulima Gradebook.

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Pilot Participant 2021-2022 Pilot Cohort

This was such a great addition to my lab. I had already provided videos, images and websites to help students study Anatomy structures. But this was a much more active learning process for them that they found fun, easy to use and helpful in remembering structures. With the interactives, I was quickly able to assess studentʻs learning or participation. Previously, I would do reflection papers or some other type of reflection about learning on a certain topic to assess the students. These interactives saved both the student and me time and gave me data about a focused topic.

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Pilot Participant 2021-2022 Pilot Cohort

H5P activities seamlessly added a level of engagement to my online courses that did not exist before. I really hope that UH will subscribe to H5P for the long-term and that all faculty would have the opportunity to utilize H5P. Thank you for having this pilot!

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Pilot Participant 2021-2022 Pilot Cohort

Before using H5P I had a challenge in helping my physiology student study for anatomical structures since moving online. They no longer were able to go in person to study. So this was a great solution. Having a H5P activity that provided kinesthetic learning in addition to the traditional lecture and reading was much appreciated by students.

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Pilot Participant 2021-2022 Pilot Cohort

Having access to so many interactives made my courses fun for me (and hopefully, my students). I was looking for a way to gamify some aspects of the course to increase engagement and I think I succeeded!

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Pilot Participant 2021-2022 Pilot Cohort

I can place the interactives strategically in Laulima exactly when and where it is most useful. It’s also helpful for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. Students have mentioned they found them engaging and useful.

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Pilot Participant 2021-2022 Pilot Cohort

In the analytics H5P provides, I can see that in many cases students engage in multiple attempts to complete the tasks in the interactives. This is great considering that aspects of language acquisition, like vocabulary, require multiple exposures to words in a wide variety of contexts.

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Pilot Participant 2021-2022 Pilot Cohort

My goal was to help increase student engagement with the video lectures I provide for them. H5P allowed me to explore a variety of methods to accomplish this. 😀

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Pilot Participant 2021-2022 Pilot Cohort

Pack your patience! That’s my advice with anyone new to H5P. There were lots of boxes to check or uncheck, so many options and it was easy to get overwhelmed at first.. However, once you get the hang of it, it is sooooooo cool!

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Pilot Participant 2021-2022 Pilot Cohort

Students did better on quizzes and projects because the H5P interactives allowed students to practice what they learned and provided "scaffolding" type of preparation for assignments.

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Pilot Participant 2021-2022 Pilot Cohort

    2022-2023 H5P + Laulima Cohort applications now closed.

    Please fill out the Interest Form (also linked to the button below) to be notified when new information about future cohorts is released.

    H5P + Laulima Program Interest Form

    2022-2023 H5P + Laulima Cohort Applications Now Open!

    Please fill out the application (also linked to the button below) to join the second cohort! Deadline to apply is Friday, May 20, 2022. Applicants will be notified by mid-June.

    2022-2023 H5P + Laulima Cohort Program Application

    H5P + Laulima Pilot Archived Page

    View the archived H5P + Laulima Pilot (2021-2022) page for information and resources from the first cohort, also located under Programs > Archived Programs in the main menu bar.

    Graphic of a yellow hot air balloon

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    These FAQs (Google Doc) were created for UH faculty/staff interested in joining the H5P + Laulima Program. Please note that this is a working document and the content continues to be revised based upon the most recent updates.

    2022-2023 H5P + Laulima Cohort Participants

    The following faculty and staff from across the UH system have volunteered to participate as part of the 2022-2023 H5P + Laulima cohort!
    Returning participants are indicated with an asterisk (*).

    H5P + Laulima Support Team

    Mahalo nui to the following instructional designers and ITS staff across the UH system who have collaborated to advocate and support this program. If you are a participating user needing support, please contact the H5P + Laulima  Community (Google Groups).

    ari eichelberger

    Ari Eichelberger

    University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
    College of Education
    Naiyi Fincham

    Naiyi Xie Fincham
    Assistant Faculty Specialist

    University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
    Center for Language & Technology
    College of Arts, Languages & Letters

    brent hirata

    Brent Hirata
    Educational Technologist and Distance Education Lead

    Leeward Community College
    Educational Media Center
    dorothy hirata

    Dorothy So Hirata
    Instructional Design Manager

    University of Hawaiʻi System
    Information Technology Services (ITS) UH Online Innovation Center (UHOIC)
    char hopela

    Char Hopela
    Instructional Designer

    University of Hawaiʻi at West Oahu

    Laureen Kodani

    Laureen Kodani
    Educational, Communications and Technology Developer

    UH Maui College

    alice swift

    Alice Swift
    Multimedia Instructional Designer

    University of Hawaiʻi System
    Information Technology Services (ITS)
    UH Online Innovation Center (UHOIC)

    kellie taguchi

    Kellie Taguchi
    Distance Education Coordinator

    University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
    College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR)

    Helen Torigoe

    Helen Torigoe
    Instructional Designer

    Kapiʻolani Community College
    Center for Excellence in Learning, Teaching & Technology (CELTT)
    gloria niles

    Gloria Niles
    Director of Online Learning

    University of Hawaiʻi System
    Information Technology Services (ITS)

    No Image Available

    Kenwrick Chan
    Information Technology Specialist

    University of Hawaiʻi System
    Information Technology Services (ITS)