This page includes a compilation of the most frequently accessed resources by UH faculty and staff. 

Tutorials and Resources Knowledge Base

For a comprehensive tutorial list of Laulima, Google, Zoom, and other resources useful for online teaching, visit the Tutorials and Resources Knowledge Base.

UHOIC Compiled Tutorials and Resources

For a  comprehensive tutorial list of Laulima, Google, Zoom, and other resources useful for online teaching, visit UHOIC Tutorials and Resources (Google Sheet).

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Laulima Resources

The University of Hawai’i Learning Management System (LMS)

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Laulima Resource Guide for Faculty

A compilation of Laulima tutorials and guides for faculty. 

ITS Building

Laulima 24/7 Tech Support

The ITS Help Desk is open 24/7 to assist you with any technical issues.

Due to recent browser updates, if you are having challenges viewing embedded third-party tools in Laulima, review this troubleshooting guide.

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Laulima Course Design Assistance

If you need assistance with your Laulima course design and/or instruction,  utilize Instructional Design services or follow the Online Teaching & Learning Pathways.

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UH Online Templates

Feel free to use the UH Online Course Map, Syllabus, and Laulima Templates for your own course.

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Course Map Template

Make a copy of the Course Map Template to help you plan out and align your course components. The template is offered in two formats: Google Sheets and Google Docs.

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Course Syllabus Template

Request a Syllabus Template (5-Week, 16-Week, Summer), prepopulated with basic requirements and policies to use for your own courses.

Course Design Document 

Make a copy of the Course Design Document to help you write out and organize your course content! The template is a Google Doc and has 5 weeks/modules included.  Feel free to add as many weeks or modules as needed for your course.

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UH Online Laulima Template

Request a Laulima Template (5-Week, 16-Week, Summer) to be installed in your own courses. The template incorporates built-in organization and best practices.

Online Teaching Strategies & Resources

Various teaching strategies and resources to help you with designing and developing your course. 

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Ed Tech Tools

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Faculty Resources & Sharing

Several Padlet forums have been created around themed topics (e.g., Building Empathy and Strengthening Online Community, Online Assessments, STEM Resource for Remote Instruction, Tools & Resources Exchange, etc).  Some resources you may find useful:

Using Zoom for Instruction

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Additional Resources

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Open Educational Resources (OER)

UHM Gen Ed Distance Ed Resources

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Archived Webinar Resources

Unable to attend one of the UHOIC-hosted webinars? No worries! Check out the recordings of our amazing faculty and staff guest presenters along with other archived past event resources.

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Instructional Third-Party Online Tools

There are many third-party tools available to increase student engagement in your course. Examples include:

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Free video forum tool to build an online learning community.


Free (up to 3) digital boards for student interaction.

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Free screen recording tool/plugin for quick video feedback. No built-in closed captioning.


Free design and graphics tool to create banners and images from pre-made templates.

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Easy accessibility checker for Google Suite.

Interested in integrating tools in your online/hybrid course?

  • Read the Privacy Statement and Terms of Service

    Ensure that they align with your needs and minimize risk for yourself and your students.

  • Is the Tool Accessible?

    Ensure the tool addresses accessibility needs (or that you provide an equivalent alternative activity if you move forward with use).

  • Privacy and Accessibility Policies

    Include links to privacy/accessibility policies and course technology requirements into your course and syllabus.

  • Data Governance Process

    Review the Data Governance webpage (linked in the heading) and determine if your tool needs to go through the Data Governance process.

  • Shrinkwrap Process

    Review the Information Technology webpage (linked in the heading) and determine if your tool needs to go through the Shrinkwrap process.

  • Be Aware

    Be sure to turn on your UH Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). Check on the MFA support page linked in the heading for more information.

UH ITS Reviewed Instructional Third-Party Online Tools or Microservices (Widgets) for Faculty

You can view the list of ITS reviewed instructional third-party tools or microservices commonly used by faculty. You will need to be logged into your Google@UH account to view the spreadsheet.

Don't see your tool on the UH ITS Reviewed Instructional Third-Party Online Tools for Faculty list?

Submit your tool(s) for review to ensure that institutional data (e.g., student, instructor, etc.) is in alignment to UH policies when integrated into instruction. Additional notes on how to further safeguard student and instructor data may also be provided upon completion of a review. All reviewed tools and associated guidance are posted on the UH ITS Reviewed Instructional Third-Party Online Tools for Faculty list.