UH Online 5-Week PD

UH Online 5-Week PD Course

This award-winning, flagship professional development program launched in 2018 to support the University of Hawaiʻi’s desire to increase flexible opportunities for residents to earn a college degree while working and raising their families. Faculty interested in redesigning or developing a new course into an accelerated 5-week format that aligns with quality standards for working adults are provided with instructional design support and opportunities to network and collaborate with peers.

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UH Online 5-Week PD Quality Course Design Review

Registration is closed, 2022 program registration is coming soon!

To further strengthen the quality of online courses across the UH System, the UH Online Quality Course Design Review, a newly released online standards-based review process, provides the opportunity for instructors to submit their already-developed online course for review in order to improve their course design while receiving 1-on-1 instructional design support.


UH Online 5-Week 2019 Cohort group photo

UH Online 5-Week Professional Development Program (2019)

Faculty & Instructors

  • Luʻukia Archer (Leeward CC)
  • Ashley Biddle (Leeward CC)
  • Merissa Bunton (Leeward CC)
  • Caterina Desiato (Mānoa)
  • Cynthia Foreman (Maui College)
  • Jiajia Garcia (Leeward CC)
  • Anika Gearhart (Leeward CC)
  • Deacon Hanson (Windward CC)
  • Francie Julien-Chinn (Mānoa)
  • Jordan Lewton (Windward CC)
  • Poo Lum Jong (Leeward CC)
  • Tracy Kuʻulei Kanahele (Hawaiʻi CC)
  • Ryan Koo (Windward CC)
  • Ashley Maynard (Mānoa)
  • Teena Michael (Windward CC)
  • Mellissa Moody (Leeward CC)
  • Kelli Nakamura (Kapiʻolani CC)
  • Penn Pantumsinchai (Mānoa)
  • Ron Pine (Honolulu CC)
  • Pualiʻiliʻimaikalani Rossi (Kauaʻi CC)
  • Jeff Stearns (Honolulu CC)
  • Christy Takamure (Leeward CC)
  • Lisa Vallin (Mānoa)
  • Janet Wang-Lee (Leeward CC)
  • Evelyn Wong (Leeward CC)
  • Vera Zambonelli (Mānoa)

Instructional Designers

  • Laura Armer (Mānoa)
  • Laura Chuang (System)
  • Vanessa Cole (Windward CC)
  • Brent Hirata (Leeward CC)
  • Dorothy Hirata (System)
  • Rachael Inake (Leeward)
  • Laureen Kodani (Maui College)
  • Jeffrey Mexia (Kauaʻi CC)
  • Hong Ngo (System)
  • Matt Parcon (System)
  • Natalie Perez (Honolulu CC)
  • Elizabeth Ratliff (Windward CC)
  • Jamie Sickel (Kapiʻolani CC)
  • Helen Torigoe (Kapiʻolani CC)
  • Leanne Urasaki (Hawaiʻi CC)
  • Marisa Yamada (System)

Faculty Champions

  • Brenda Kwon (Honolulu CC)
  • Coty Gonzales (Honolulu CC)
  • Michele Mahi (Leeward CC)
  • Becky Stotzer (Mānoa)
  • Susan Wood (Leeward CC)

UH Online 5-Week Presentations