Cable Troubleshooting Tips

Another program is airing, other than, your cable class

  • Check to see if you are tuned to the correct channel.
  • Check your course packet or syllabus to view the broadcast schedule of your class or check the DL Course Listing.
  • Contact the UHTV programming hotline at (808) 956-2724. Identify yourself, your class and state your concern.

There is no picture on the channel

Recording the class using a DVR

  • Be sure you do not have any conflicts with other scheduled recordings.
  • Be sure your class is set to record for the whole series.
  • Double check your on-screen guide - be sure you are choosing the correct channel and cable class (broadcast day and time).

Missed viewing of class session

  • Check course packet or broadcast schedule to see if there is a rebroadcast of the class session missed.
  • Check with instructor for other options to obtain missed content.