Intellectual property is the lifeblood of a university, and all members of the university community should respect the work of others inside and outside the academy. It is the policy of the University of Hawaiʻi to comply with Copyright Laws in their entirety. For example, software may not be duplicated or installed except in strict accordance with applicable licensing agreements. And University servers and networks may not be used to house or distribute unauthorized software, music, video or other information content.

Because copyright compliance in the digital age is complex, especially in an educational institution, the following comprehensive resources are suggested for further information. Many of them have links to additional sites with more information.

United States Copyright Office -- Official site, including the law, summaries, and federal activities in progress

Copyright Clearance Center – The Campus Guide to Copyright Compliance helps answer copyright questions found in the academic environment.

Crash Course in Copyright -- from the University of Texas System

Distance Education: Expanding the Classroom on the Internet -- from University Publishing, Washington State University