Liberal Arts (Online AA Degree)

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Associate of Arts (AA)

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Leeward Community College


The Liberal Arts (Online) AA degree consists of sixty (60) credits, approximately twenty (20) courses, at the 100-200 levels. Through this degree program, students gain foundational knowledge and skills as well as explore their interests and develop long-term goals. Completing an AA degree is a stepping-stone to a bachelor’s degree! Academic advising and career exploration is available throughout the program.

There are two fully online AA degree tracks at Leeward CC: Cohort: Year-Round and Flex. Students may pursue either track based on their eligibility and preferences.

  • Cohort: Year-Round: Students who have earned 0-30 college-level credits and have college-level test/placement scores may opt to join the Year-Round cohort track (LBRO). Year-Round cohort students take three 5-week courses in the Fall, three 5-week courses in the Spring, and two 5-week courses in the Summer. After approximately 2.5 years, Year-Round cohort students earn their AA degree! To join the Year-Round track, students must schedule a phone or Zoom appointment with the Online Counselor prior to registering for classes.
  • Flex Track: Students who have earned 30+ college-level credits, or do not have college-level test/placement scores, or need certain online courses that are not offered in the 5-week format may pursue their AA degree fully online through the Flex track (LBRD). Flex track students have flexibility to take online courses in a more flexible way; students may choose to take 16-week online courses, 5-week online courses, or a combination of both. Academic advising is recommended and available by appointment prior to registering for classes.

Prospective students must apply to Leeward CC campus and select the Liberal Arts (Online) AA degree program prior to registering for classes. Applicants are highly encouraged to include any test scores they may have on their application; however, it is not required for Leeward CC admissions. Free, online placement tests may be required to determine appropriate classes prior to registering for English and math. Transfer students may request an unofficial transcript evaluation prior to registering for classes.

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Associate of Arts (AA)


Stuart Uesato