Student Guide to Learning Online

Create a Successful and Structured Learning Environment

  • Create or find a quiet place to do work without distractions from things like television, family, games, or other temptations that can divert your attention. Also, turn off cell phones during designated "class time" and avoid surfing the Web while on the computer.
  • Make a schedule to dedicate specific times to do course work like participating in class activities online, reading, or doing research. Be sure to stick to the schedule. Check with each instructor to find out if you are expected to watch a live broadcast of class.
  • Expect online classes to take up just as much or even more time as face-to-face classes. Give yourself time to do assignments, to avoid having last-minute technical issues, try to give yourself "cushion" time when submitting (try not to submit at the last minute or just before the system goes down daily for maintenance).